Simple and functional operation of the sex change from male to female genitals, the opposite is harder

Published at Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It is now scientifically accepted that there are people who feel differently, and are trapped in the body of the opposite gender. This is a category of people who are not homosexual, nor people with a psychiatric disorder. These individuals are often quite coordinated, intelligent and educated, if the circumstance have not prevented them from learning, with full awareness of their particularity. This particularity, even in this modern era leads to conflicts with family initially and the social environment subsequently. Some of these people, either because they are strong characters and insist on solving their problem, either because their fate has favored them, are not being isolated from society, do not end up victims of perverted sexual exploitation, but seek, pursue and achieve acceptance and a place in our society. Thus, they study, they claim in the labor market and assume responsibilities in the private and the public sector with the name and the gender that they feel to be and have already corrected gender. They often start a family with their partner, adopting children or not.


If indeed that is the case for someone who longs for the correction of his sex, would it be fair to lead him to his marginalization? Absolutely not. But if it is not the case? If the one who longs for sex change, is a disturbed personality, or possibly is running a temporary mental disorder, wouldn’t it be criminal of the surgeon’s hand to lead him to mutilation of his genitalia? Precondition therefore is the secure clarification from the side of expert scientists (psychologist and psychiatrist), who not effortlessly, but with thorough and extensive investigation of his personality will preclude possibilities of such psychiatric disorders, and will determine his particular individuality.


The gender reassignment surgery from man to woman is now an easy process, with short surgical time (2,5 – 3 hours) by an experienced plastic surgeon, a couple of days of hospitalization, and easy postoperative course. The potential postoperative pain is minimal and is manageable with simple painkillers. The technique consists of mutilation of the testes, the mutilation of the urethra and the cavernosal of their base, retaining the neurosis and the perfusion of the skin of the penis and sometimes the glans. This skin with the glans is inverted to create the interior of the vagina and the pseudo-cervix of the alleged uterus, entering into a space that is opened up between the rectum and the prostate. The aesthetic restoration is really impressive and the functionality of the vagina is almost complete after a month. It is almost complete because the normal lubrication is never achieved. The vaginal orgasm in most cases is real and it is reasonable because, except that the skin of the penis, which is used as a perfused tissue for the creation of the new vagina retains its sensibility, is adjacent to both the aesthetic vulval nerve plexus of the anal, and the neurosis of prostate, which is retained.


The gender reassignment surgery from man to woman is now an easy process


However, the surgical treatment for the gender reassignment from woman to man is not so simple, requiring multiple surgeries with poor aesthetic and functional result. The texture and the composition of the skin of the penis are unique and rarely can be simulated. The image, the composition and the mucosa of the glans are also difficult if not impossible to be also simulated. The elongation or extension of the urethra is a difficult surgical attempt with common complications of stenosis and urethral fistulae. The physiological mechanism of erection can never be provided, however, it can be replaced by special silicone erectile mechanisms, as also the testicular inserts. The sensibility can never be achieved despite the fact that nowadays the microsurgery surgical techniques can achieve the sensibility to the perfused flaps. The orgasm whether there will be any, is a brain process without detonation. Specifically, the creation of the penis, which is the first stage of the surgical treatment, may be achieved by perfused free flaps which are obtained from other parts of the body and are transferred with microsurgery techniques using a microscope for the vascular anastomosis. A second surgical stage involves the restoration of the urethra so that urine can come out from the end of the new penis. An attempt with frequent failures due to stenosis along and fistulas. The third stage involves the removal of the uterus and the vagina in order to enable the creation of the scrotum which will contain the silicone testicular inserts. For this purpose at this time within the labia of the previous vulva are placed tissue expanders to create space for the placement of these inserts. At this stage may also be achieved the attempt to create a glans, using as a graft the removed vaginal mucosa. A fourth surgical step involves the removal of the expanders and their replacement by the testicular inserts, as well as the implantation within the new penis of an erectile technical mechanism. The result of all these operations as long as they proceed as planned yields a modest aesthetic and a more modest functional result.


Thus, the women who are trapped in a male body are favored compared to men, who are respectively trapped in a female body. Or maybe the men in the case of gender reassignment are favored because they can easily become women. So here is a philosophical question. The nature wronged whom in this case: the man or the woman? From which point of view will someone see it?

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