The island of Delos isolated in the centre of the roughly circular ring of islands called the Cyclades, near Mykonos, is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece.


Delos was the scared island of ancient Greeks. As legend has it, the island surfaced from the Aegean Sea waves so that Leto could give birth to twin gods Apollo and Artemis, the children of her union with god Zeus, the king of gods and people. There are signs of settlement on the island that date back to the third millennium BC. However, the Ionian settlement in 1000 BC started gradually converting the island into a Greek cult center. When Athens established its dominance over the Aegean, Delos became the seat of the Athenian Alliance (also known as the Delian League).

Later on, during the Macedonian conquest, the island experienced great commercial development, which continued through the Hellenistic period and reached its peak in the Roman era. During the Mythridatic Wars, Delos, which remained loyal to Rome, was completely destroyed and started its decline, to the point of complete desolation. For many centuries, it remained a pirates’ lair. In 1873, the French School of Athens started excavations, revealing one of the most significant archaeological sites of Greek and Roman antiquity.According to the last official Greek census in 2001, the island has a population of 14.

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