Plastic Surgery Abroad & Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Questions & Answers

Why should I use

  1. Because Pantheon Beauty is not just a Medical Tourism agent or facilitator, but a company in which the medical team and clinics that have been chosen participate actively.
  2. Because the medical services offered at the clinics that work with Pantheon Beauty are governed by the EU and UK legislation, which provides greater security to its clients.
  3. Because the doctors who work with Pantheon Beauty are accredited in accordance with the EU legislation, and have immense experience in their respective fields, while they have also published medical articles.
  4. Because all medical material used has been validated with a CE mark and is FDA-approved.
  5. Because the Pantheon Beauty doctors are insured with reliable insurance agents (Lloyds) in case of malpractice.
  6. Because Pantheon Beauty offers online preoperative consultation with a specialist who is part of the surgical team.
  7. Because Pantheon Beauty assumes complete responsibility for the trip, excluding the tickets, without the patient needing to make separate arrangements for each service offered.
  8. Because Pantheon Beauty covers all the costs associated with possible extended hospitalization due to medical complications.
  9. Because Pantheon Beauty will contact the patients’ GPs to coordinate postoperative follow-up if necessary.
  10. Because accommodation is booked in luxury (4-star and 5-star) hotels in the city center.
  11. Because Pantheon Beauty guarantees low costs and high-quality services.

Why choose Greece?

  1. Because it is EU Member State with medical legislation that ensures the safety of patients.
  2. Because it is first-rate tourist destination, with many historical sites, offering many choices to visitors. In addition, the country’s culture stems from ancient civilizations.
  3. Because the country has advanced significantly in the field of plastic surgery.

How much will it cost?

The cost is quoted in another section of the website. There are various packages depending on the surgery and the travel services offered.

Do you give medical opinions and advice?

Pantheon Beauty has set up an online surgery service, whereby after booking an appointment, patients may have an online medical consultation with a specialist.

How do I know if the hospitals and clinics you refer are accredited?

Each clinic and hospital operating within the EU has to fulfill all the relative prerequisites (medical equipment, and accredited medical and nursing staff).

Do I decide where and in which hospital my procedure will take place?

Of course, they can. In this case, Pantheon Beauty also arranges accommodation and tours for the extra person.

What language do they speak at the hospital?

Greek and English. However, there is always a bilingual Pantheon Beauty representative present to assist you.

Is there any follow-up care once I return home?

Most plastic surgeries do not require follow-ups after the immediate postoperative period. However, the attending physician is always available for free online advice and even a visual online consultation, after booking an appointment. Pantheon Beauty also strives to come in contact with the patients’ GPs. The full safeguarding of patients both before and after the surgery is of outmost concern to Pantheon Beauty’s, since they are its ultimate ambassadors in their country of residence.

How safe is the information that I enter on the website?

The website has a SSL system that ensures confidentiality of personal details.

Will I be able to talk to my doctor before the procedure?

For anyone seeking plastic surgery at a lower cost than that charged at their country of residence, while also having the opportunity to visit another country and experience its culture.

Pantheon Beauty offers economical plastic surgeries, which are safe for its patients, and at the same time, unique historical destinations. Its aspiration, of course, is for medical tourists to choose it for its credibility, the security it offers and the excellent aesthetic results.

What are the Hospitals and Facilities like?

The hospitals have all the equipment required by the EU medical legislation. They also have state-of-the-art fully equipped operating rooms with clean room air-conditioning, which offers protection from bacterial infections. The surgical equipment ranges from microscopes for microsurgery and endoscopic towers, to Da Vinci robots for robotic procedures. They also have intensive care units with the same air-conditioning system and luxurious rooms.

Are the doctors and surgeons qualified?

All the doctors and surgeons are accredited by the universities of their countries and the respective European Boards.

What medical services are available?

All the types of the plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures, bariatric procedures and dental procedures.

I would like to have surgery performed abroad. Will my health insurance cover me if there are complications?

If the surgical procedure you have undergone is not elective, which in any case would not be covered, the complications of all other procedures are covered by all the insurance companies.

What are the prices?

You may use any service you need and is mentioned on the website. Please select your package and the services offered in each one carefully.

What about postoperative care and recovery?

Recovery and postoperative care for patients who have undergone plastic surgery is short and without any problems. During hospitalization and recovery, you will be under the constant care of the nursing staff, as well as your doctor.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Pantheon Beauty fully covers the subsequent accommodation and hospitalization costs, as well as any doctor fees, in case of a medical complication. Our experience shows that complications are a rare occurrence among the medical teams working with us. However, wishing to fully safeguard our patients from any extra hidden costs, this possibility is also covered to provide added security to patients.

Rhinoplasty Abroad Questions & Answers

What part of the population needs to have phinoplasty performed, or better, what ages usually resort to rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic, but also functional surgery. It relates to problems associated with one’s image, especially in younger people who seek to change it, as well as structural and breathing problems, which have to be corrected with surgery. Apart from the breathing problems, which may be due to construction or injury (deviated septum), aesthetic deformities usually urge young people to seek rhinoplasty surgery. In other words, rhinoplasty is a surgery usually required by younger people, or by older patients, who have always wanted to have it done.

So is rhinoplasty as a procedure often functional?

Of course it is a functional procedure and it relates to proper breathing function. A straight septum is necessary for proper breathing, as well as a straight nose, while a proper nasal valve guarantees an elegant finish of the tip. In other words, an aesthetically elegant nose leads to correct breathing. A beautiful nose goes hand-in-hand with proper breathing.

At what age can someone consider rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty should be performed as soon as the individual has reached physical maturity. It is believed that women reach full physical maturity after the age of 16, while men after the age of 18.

Should the patient do some preparation before surgery?

No special preparation is needed, apart from avoiding taking aspirin for four days prior to surgery. On the morning of the surgery, the patient should arrive at the clinic on an empty stomach in order to undergo a preoperative checkup and then surgery.

How difficult is the postoperative course?

Rhinoplasty is a short procedure (30-45 minutes) and general anesthesia is preferred. Hospitalization is not required and patients are discharged on the same day. It is also completely painless and if painkillers are required, they should not include aspirin. The biggest discomfort is the difficulty in breathing due to the nasal packing, as well as the bruising under the eyes, which subsides after the tenth day.

Is there a specific time of the year when rhinoplasty should be performed?

Any time of the year is suitable for this type of operation and patients may select the time depending on their schedule.

What conditions should patients seek in order to have the best results?

They should choose the right and experienced plastic surgeon, who will make the correct diagnosis (regarding both the aesthetic and the functional problem) and will organize a proper surgical plan. Often the doctor’s diagnosis is similar to that of the patient’s. Patients, though, should ask to see previous work performed by the doctor. Nowadays, there are many doctors of other specialties who also perform cosmetic surgery procedures.

Abdominoplasty Abroad Questions & Answers

As a technique, abdominoplasty is a simple procedure and the results are excellent if planned correctly. The reasons that may lead to such a procedure are various and quite common, but the problems may be resolved easily with surgery, which lasts from one to two and a half hours, depending on the severity of the problem.

What are the reasons that could lead someone to plastic surgery in order to have an abdominoplasty performed?

Great weight loss, as well as pregnancy may cause laxity of the abdominal wall muscles, possible stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen. These result in significant functional and aesthetic problems, such as skin irritation if the tummy sags, pain in the vertebrae due to the excess weight, difficulty in bending, bad positioning of the urinary bladder and the uterus in women, and finally stress relating to dressing and going to the beach. All of these problems often force a patient to resort to abdominoplasty.

What is the average time required for such a surgery and how painful is the procedure?

Abdominoplasty is a simple surgical procedure, which involves a horizontal incision above the pubic area, restoration of the abdominal walls and removal of the excess skin and fat from the navel downwards.

How difficult is the postoperative course?

The postoperative course is more severe that the surgery itself, since the patient has to stay hospitalized for a day, with the legs bent at the hips, two drainage catheters in the surgical incision, a urinary catheter and an IV. The IV and the urinary catheter are removed on the next day, while patients may carefully get out of bed, but have to wear an elastic compression garment. They may be discharged on that day, provided they receive antibiotics. Patients visit the clinic on the fourth day to have the drainage catheters removed and the wound dressed. They may shower prior to this; however, it is essential that they shower from the fourth day onwards. A compression garment has to be worn for a month and may only be removed when sleeping. The sutures are removed on the seventh day, which is when patients may also return to their normal activities, but are not allowed to lift weights for at least a month.

What are the possible complications that may result from an abdominoplasty?

The quick removal of the drainage catheters prior to the fourth day may result in the development of seroma, i.e. a pocket of serous fluid under the skin. The development of seroma is very rare after this day, while it can be treated successfully by inserting a new drainage catheter and keeping it for approximately five days. Small necrosis in the middle of the incision, splitting of the wound and the need for frequent dressing changes until the wound is healed may be common in smokers or in patients who have undergone surgery on the abdomen in the past. A hypertrophic scar may appear on the lower incision in some patients, but this is easily corrected with local anesthesia. The incision is always hidden inside the underwear. Patients may experience mild pains on the skin for a while. Hypesthesia and a tingling sensation on the lower abdomen, close to the incision, usually remain.

Can a woman fall pregnant following abdominoplasty? If yes, are there any consequences to the results of the surgery?

Women may fall pregnant following abdominoplasty without any problems. Naturally, the results may change, but the abdomen nearly never returns to its original state.

What are the benefits of abdominoplasty?

The benefits are both functional and aesthetic. Following abdominoplasty, patients may experience a different quality of life, without locomotive problems or pains due to excess weight. Aesthetically, the change is obvious and patients have greater confidence, as they may dress the way they always wished, but never could. Considering the multiple benefits, it is certain that abdominoplasty is worth it, provided the problems mentioned above are evident.

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