Terms & Conditions for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Abroad

  1. Greece, the country where the procedures are performed, is EU Member State and is subject to the same rules and regulations that are in force for all the EU countries and the UK. The medical services provided in the country are in accordance with the EU legislation and the World Health Organization (WHO) regulations.
  2. The hospitals where the procedures are performed are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and employ accredited medical staff. They operate in accordance with the EU legislation. They have intensive care units and operating rooms with clean room air-conditioning. There is automatic and constant recording of nosocomial infections, while the percentage of MRSA outbreak is negligent. The Athens clinic also has a Da Vinci robotic microsurgery system for specialized procedures. The patient rooms are fully air-conditioned and have all the comforts offered by 5-star hotels.
  3. The doctors Pantheon Beauty has chosen to work with are EU citizens and are subject to the rules and regulations of the EU, the UK and the WHO. They have received their degrees in Medicine, specializing in Plastic and General Surgery, from EU Member States, and are members of the medical boards of Greece, and the UK (General Medical Council). They have all been certified by the European Board of Plastic Surgery.
  4. In the country, it is mandatory for the doctors to be insured for liability and the doctors employed by Pantheon Beauty are insured with Lloyd’s for malpractice. The European Courts have jurisdiction over any disputes or claims.
  5. In case of immediate postoperative complications, Pantheon Beauty undertakes to cover all expenses arising from the patient’s extended stay in Greece, as well the cost of any medical services provided to the patient with the aim of fully treating the said complication.
  6. In case of actual medical negligence, Pantheon Beauty undertakes to commence, without any extra costs, the necessary legal proceedings, on behalf of the patient, for the purpose of promptly redressing the medical error and facilitating the payment of any potential damages.


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