Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic Surgery Abroad & Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Questions & Answers

Why should I use Pantheonbeauty.com?
Why choose Greece?
How much will it cost?
Do you give medical opinions and advice?
How do I know if the hospitals and clinics you refer are accredited?
Do I decide where and in which hospital my procedure will take place?
What language do they speak at the hospital?
Is there any follow-up care once I return home?
How safe is the information that I enter on the website?
Will I be able to talk to my doctor before the procedure?
What are the Hospitals and Facilities like?
Are the doctors and surgeons qualified?
What medical services are available?
I would like to have surgery performed abroad. Will my health insurance cover me if there are complications?
What are the prices?
What about postoperative care and recovery?
What happens if something goes wrong?
What part of the population needs to have phinoplasty performed, or better, what ages usually resort to rhinoplasty?
So is rhinoplasty as a procedure often functional?
At what age can someone consider rhinoplasty?
Should the patient do some preparation before surgery?
How difficult is the postoperative course?
Is there a specific time of the year when rhinoplasty should be performed?
What conditions should patients seek in order to have the best results?
What are the reasons that could lead someone to plastic surgery in order to have an abdominoplasty performed?
What is the average time required for such a surgery and how painful is the procedure?
How difficult is the postoperative course?
What are the possible complications that may result from an abdominoplasty?
Can a woman fall pregnant following abdominoplasty? If yes, are there any consequences to the results of the surgery?
What are the benefits of abdominoplasty?

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